We have 2", 3", 4", 5", 6", and 7" back holders to fit diamond polishing pads of same sizes. Two types of back holders are available - Rigid or Semi-Rigid. Rigid type works better on flat surface polishing while Semi-Rigid holders are better for curved areas. The back holders have 5/8-11 fitting to fit on standard grinders and polishers. They are all velcro backed.

 diamond sponge polishing pads dry use for concrete, granite, marble
Specificationsdiamond sponge polishing pad dry use for concrete, granite, marble 1.high glosine..
3 inch Long Life Diamond Ceramic Polishing Pads
Ceramic tools with velcro backingVery aggressive tool for dry grinding and polishing of concrete.&nb..
3'' Flexible Polishing Sponge Pads For Granite Marble Processing Concrete Polishing Pads
These are the ultimate abrasives for straight and contoured edge polishing. For professional quality..
Back Holders Rubber backer Pad / Rubber backing pad with Velcro backing pad
Velcro backing pad  with flexible rubber velcro backup pad used for many purposes like stone po..
diamond hand grinding pads Diamond Hand Polishing Pads for Stone
Diamond Hand Polishing Pads for Stone/Concrete. Diamond hand polishing/sanding pads are used to perf..
wholesale diamond hand polishing pads for grinding of stone glass ceramic
Features:-Foam-backed, very light-Suitable for polish the light colour marble, granite, concrete, et..
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