Numerical control lathe


Numical control press


Automatic production line


Quality control


R&D Centre


Automatic Hot-press Sintering machine (produce segments)


1. computer-controlled temperature, time-period and pressure;
2. can make big size segments, for example diamond brick;
3. infrared sensor: Can automatically sensing the temperature change;
4. hot-pressed segments with good density assure quality.
Auto cold-press sintering machine (produce segments)

1. Different mould to make different shape and size segments;
2. High output: 4000pcs segments per hour per machine;
3. Auto out-powder and pressure control guarantee consistent quality and pricise segments' size;
4. Low tolerance.

Balance Test Instrument


1. Flexible test rotation input;
2. Test result easily read on big screen;
3. 100% balance test for grinding wheels guarantee stable and no-vibra high speed work;
4. high precision.

Test Lab




1. For any bulk blade orders, we take random samples to do cutting test in our Lab to ensure quality consistency.
2. For any new products, we do test before marketing.
3. We test every tools we can test in stone factories and construction projects.